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Восьмой выпуск (In English) | Переглядів: 105 | Завантажень: 41 | Додав: SileNt | Дата: 20.10.2017

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Восьмой выпуск | Переглядів: 217 | Завантажень: 33 | Додав: SileNt | Дата: 27.02.2017






Седьмой выпуск (in English) | Переглядів: 458 | Завантажень: 37 | Додав: SileNt | Дата: 16.01.2017






Седьмой выпуск | Переглядів: 653 | Завантажень: 48 | Додав: SileNt | Дата: 23.09.2016






Шестой выпуск (in English) | Переглядів: 551 | Завантажень: 36 | Додав: SileNt | Дата: 25.06.2016






Шестой выпуск | Переглядів: 683 | Завантажень: 44 | Додав: SileNt | Дата: 22.02.2016






Пятый выпуск (in English) | Переглядів: 208 | Завантажень: 24 | Додав: SileNt | Дата: 10.12.2015

Второй выпуск | Переглядів: 259 | Завантажень: 23 | Додав: SileNt | Дата: 09.10.2015

Пятый выпуск | Переглядів: 291 | Завантажень: 131 | Додав: SileNt | Дата: 07.10.2015

New composite fibers are synthesized by in situ deposition of potassium-nickel ferrocyanide layer on the surface of modified polyacrylonitrile fibers. The data of electron microscopic and infrared investigations confirmed the formation of the ferrocyanide layer on the fibers’ surface. Composite fibers are chemically stable in both acidic and alkaline solutions, and are characterized by high selectivity for cesium ions in the presence of excess of competitive sodium and potassium ions.


Четвертый выпуск (in English) | Переглядів: 192 | Завантажень: 22 | Додав: SileNt | Дата: 25.08.2015

The influence of the magnetic isotope effect on the reaction of radical pairs containing radical-ion UO2 2+ is investigated. This can be further used in the new method of uranium isotope separation in chemical reactions. 


Четвертый выпуск (in English) | Переглядів: 197 | Завантажень: 24 | Додав: SileNt | Дата: 25.08.2015

The sorption-desorption processes in the systems ―radionuclide (137Cs, 90Sr)—natural clay minerals‖ and
―radionuclide (137Cs, 90Sr)—modified clay mineral forms with deposited humic acids and iron hydroxide‖ were
studied. It is found that the presence of humic acids and Fe(OH)3 on the surface of clay minerals increases 137Cs and
90Sr sorption in wide pH range (4 9). Ions Na+
and Ca2+ with the increase of their concentration in aqueous
solutions reduce the 137Cs and 90Sr fixation and promote their migration to the environment. It is shown that the
ammonium salts act as effective leaching reagents relative to the cesium ions and according to their desorption
capacity they can be arranged as follows: NH4Cl<NH4H2Cit<(NH4)2Ox<(NH4)2HCit


Четвертый выпуск (in English) | Переглядів: 227 | Завантажень: 24 | Додав: SileNt | Дата: 25.08.2015

This study considers the main tasks of comprehensive radiological monitoring in the areas of NPP location. It is shown that in order to transform an informational monitoring system into a management system, i. e. to expand its functionality it is necessary to incorporate an analytical expert subsystem in it to assess impact of a nuclear power plant on the environment (EkoIES), which is designed to collect, preserve, organize, analyze, share and map the data of comprehensive radiological monitoring / control in the monitoring areas of nuclear power plants.

Четвертый выпуск (in English) | Переглядів: 194 | Завантажень: 23 | Додав: SileNt | Дата: 25.08.2015

Ukrainian NPPs have accumulated in total more than 33 thousands m 3 of liquid radioactive wastes (LRW) of different activity categories. The known methods of processing the sediments from LRW temporary storage containers cannot be widely applied because of their low technological and economic efficiency, as well as due to lack of storage facilities for the final product, which has a larger volume in comparison to the initial LRW. It is proposed to separate components of preliminary purified LRW, and then to process them by periodic portioned filtering through a layer of fine-dispersed adsorbent in the flow of the circulating eluent. This method permits to reduce significantly the amount of radioactive wastes and to extract valuable non-radioactive components in a purified form.


Четвертый выпуск (in English) | Переглядів: 190 | Завантажень: 21 | Додав: SileNt | Дата: 25.08.2015

Chemical composition and properties of lava-like fuel-containing masses from the ―Shelter‖ (LFCM) are considered. It is noted the necessity of further LFCM conditioning to ensure the safety of their prolonged storage and disposal in a geological repository. As an optimal method of conditioning it is suggested the joint vitrification of LFCM and of liquid boron-containing radioactive waste from VVER NPP using an induction ―cold crucible‖ melter.



Четвертый выпуск (in English) | Переглядів: 195 | Завантажень: 22 | Додав: SileNt | Дата: 25.08.2015

The results of the qualification of main steam isolation valves (MSIV) for water / steam-water medium have been analyzed taking into consideration the ―small series‖ WWER-1000 units. This analysis demonstrates that qualification of MSIV for water has not been substantiated sufficiently for the ―small series‖ of WWER-1000, so it could not been extended for serial WWER-1000. In addition, it is necessary to perform the qualification of MSIV for water for severe beyond design basis accidents taking into consideration possible human errors and multiple failures based on reasonably substantiated criteria of qualification.

Четвертый выпуск (in English) | Переглядів: 255 | Завантажень: 24 | Додав: SileNt | Дата: 25.08.2015

The paper presents data of long-term experimental study of dynamics of 137Cs and 90Sr radionuclides distribution in Kiev Polissya and Forrest-steppe ecosystems that were contaminated as a result of the Chernobyl NPP disaster. 

Четвертый выпуск (in English) | Переглядів: 183 | Завантажень: 23 | Додав: SileNt | Дата: 25.08.2015

The article analyses how some adverse external environmental factors impact on the protective properties of
concrete containers for storage and disposal of long-lived radioactive waste (RAW). Some conceptual issues of
storing (placing) and location of RAW containers in storages, which can significantly affect on the containers
durability during their exploitation, are discussed as well. A mathematical formalization is proposed, which allows
to perform general analysis of the potential effects of climatic, hydro-geological and other environmental factors on
the main operational characteristics of the ―container + RAW‖ system.

Третий выпуск (in English) | Переглядів: 213 | Завантажень: 23 | Додав: SileNt | Дата: 09.08.2015

Balance evaluation for processing spent nuclear fuel of different origin at the plant RT-1 "Mayak" is performed. It is shown that at formation of vitrified high level waste the aluminophosphate matrix comprises a mixture of fission and transuranic radionuclides, which is not genetically related to the burn-up of nuclear fuel during operation of VVER-440 Rivne NPP. 

Третий выпуск (in English) | Переглядів: 224 | Завантажень: 22 | Додав: SileNt | Дата: 09.08.2015

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