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pecific   features   of   biotic   components   in   the   NPP   techno-ecosystems   were   considered   and   compared   with natural   ecosystems.

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The estimations were made of efficiency of the synthetic inorganic sorbents — stratified double hydroxides intercalated by
chelators, for removal of the anionic and cationic forms of uranium (VI) in a wide range of pH of the highly salinated aqueous
medium, including hydrocarbonate and carbonate ions.

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The article focuses on lessons learned from systematization of nuclear laws in the framework of Nuclear Code drafted by SE ―SSEC CSER‖ from 2008 to 2011 on the work order of Міnenergovugilya of Ukraine. It also considers some topical issues of systematization of nuclear legislation.

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The analysis is made of kinetics of physical and chemical processes of destruction of reinforced concrete containers used   as   protective   barriers  in  nuclear   power  industry.

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The criterion of equivalence used in the ―Methodology for quantity calculation of high-level waste to be returned back to Ukraine after technological storage and reprocessing of VVER-440 spent fuel assemblies‖ is described and substantiated. 

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The status  and prospects of managing the  spent nuclear fuel (SNF) from VVER-1000 nuclear power plants (NPP) in Ukraine, and products of its reprocessing to be received under existing contracts with Russia is analyzed, and the estimation is made on the amount of outcome products, as well as radioactive waste from  spent fuel reprocessing to be returned to Ukraine. We consider three main options for the use of products of spent nuclear fuel processing; the best option involves production of nuclear fuel.

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